oGEO is a forum for information exchange between the oil and gas and earth observation / geo-information professional communities.

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Fast info

Fast Information

The portal offers the advantage of rapid and direct information exchange across the range of activities relating to Earth Observation undertaken in both market sectors. It will allow users to post questions related to information that is being sought and provides links to existing information in both communities.

Building Networks

Building networks

Suppliers of Earth Observation derived geo-information can co-ordinate and exchange expertise as well as building networks and partnerships with members of the oil & gas industry. It will allow members to respond to demand requests and make commercial offers easier. Prior exchange will allow the oil and gas industry to select more targeted products.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Using the OGEO portal allows O&G members to seek help and address business problems using Earth Observation. Users can find new suppliers, win new customers, share experiences and seek practical advice for all application where remote sensing and earth observation can offer a solution or offer a business improvement.

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